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Tiny steps, big dreams

Begin the adventure at Kindergarten: Where little minds blossom

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Foundation for growth, where learning comes to life. Welcome to Elementary School

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Where potential meets possibility

Empowering minds, shaping futures. Join us in Middle School

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Embark on an educational journey with us From the foundational years in Kindergarten to the transformative experiences in Middle School, we are dedicated to nurturing each stage of learning for a brighter future

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02:00-09:00 In School

Provided that the dress is inconsistent, and that the hairstyle has some (crazy) 🥳🤠🤪😝🥸. They can differentiate the pieces of a chosen outfit as they please, and they can also use hair colours, or draw on the work.

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13:00-09:00 In School

Shams Al-Koun Academy School will hold a wealth day for Arab countries

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